Become a FinSec Introducer

At Finsec we really value the relationship with our introducers. Finsec does not promote direct to the public and only authorised credit brokers may introduce to us.

We look to work on each case with our introducers actively involved in obtaining the necessary application, valuations and references required to complete a loan so keeping their customer informed along the way. The loan documentation and mortgage offer will always be sent to you, the introducer, so you retain full control of the case and the advice given. Where you have agreed your brokers or advice and arrangement fee and the customer wishes this to be added and funded by the loan agreement, this will be sent to you directly on completion along with our standard commission on each case.

Finsec do not use any credit scoring or automated underwriting processes, and whilst we do have our lending requirements, each case is treated individually. Subject to receiving enough information from you (Click here to see What information does Finsec need to consider a case?), we will assess each new case proposal within a few hours and then send you the detailed terms and case requirements. These are provided to you so you can discuss them with your customer. We do not speak to your customer direct until the loan is otherwise ready to complete. We put you in full control of the case progress which means you can discuss and advise your customer with real confidence. We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our decision making so you know exactly what is required to get each case completed as quickly as desired and without duplication.

If you are authorised by the FCA or are a member of the NACFB, or both, and you like the sound of how we work with introducers then we’d like to hear from you. Just drop us an email or give us a call quoting your FRN or NACFB membership number. If you have mortgage arranging and advising permissions and CBTL registration then you can advise on and arrange all of the products we currently offer, if you are limited to credit broking then our secured business loan and BTL mortgage products are accessible to your customers.